Auto Interior

Moulded Floor Carpet, Flat Floor Carpet, Wheel House L/H & R/H, Luggage Component, Floor Carpet, Seat Back, Luggage & Parcel, Head Liner

Contractual Interior

Plain, Rib, Jacquard, Vallor, Printed & Tufted

Rugs, Runners, Wall to Wall Carpets & Foot Mats

Stitching & Fabrication Facilities

We Have a Well Equipped Cutting - Trimmimg Fabrication, Stitching & Assembely Sections With The Following Facilities

»   Stitching And Overlocking Machine
»   Penumatic Trimming Pressses
»   Roller Cutting Machines

Our style, quality and design are rated No. 1, year after year.

About Bajaj Carpets

Bajaj Carpet Industries Ltd is a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Company catering the needs of customers in Automotive and Contractual markets. Enhancing the aesthetic needs of vehicle interiors and decorating lifestyle needs is the foremost competence of our organization.

We feel proud of having contributed in transforming the ambience of vehicles to vast spreads of decorative floor coverings for several decades. We manufacture various kinds of carpets and insulation materials for institutional establishments, hotel's, mega conference sites, and automobiles. In the process of manufacturing unique products Bajaj Carpet, has become a synonym for moulded, contractual, and tufted carpets and a pioneer in providing insulation materials in India.

Our Products

Automotive Product Range
Contractual Product Range

Manufacturing Unit

Spread on an area of 13,955 sqm and a work force of 250 we specialize in the supply of high performance nonwoven fabrics made of polyester and polypropylene for use in automotive interior’s

Common applications being seat backing, interior trim, headlinerand trunk liner composites and draping of floor carpets and insulation with high class performance moulded, NVH and thermo bonded solutions.


Property Image
President House in India

We have had the honor of complementing and contributing to the beautification of national ceremonies and are proudly associated with various new projects of carpeting and acoustic solutions to the automotive industry.